Only with help from the coachiest coach ever to coach can one unlock the full potential of Hard Work and Guts.

Aim For The Top - Fly High

Aim For The Top - Fly High

The sound of Hard Work and Guts in action.

We all know that Gunbuster is awesome, but what makes it so awesome? Is it its dual degeneracy generators? No, it's Hard Work and Guts -- the force of pure emotional energy, motivation, and dedication to one's cause. Noriko and Kazumi were able to unlock this power because of their their dedication to the inhabitants of the Earth whom they knew and loved, and with help from the one and only Coach and his manly-ass voice. This is what Diebuster lacked, and what made Gunbuster so great.

Examples Edit

  • The climax of Episode 5 is a perfect emaple of Hard Work and Guts.
  • Every word spoken by Coach contains some amount of Hard Work and Guts.
  • That one time when Kazumi was running up the stairs with the metal shoes??
  • The Super Inazuma Kick is made of pure Hard Work and Guts.
  • The Buster Beam is made of Hard Work and Guts.
  • The Gunbuster Pose? Hard Work and Guts.
  • Pretty much everything in Gunbuster is made out of some form of Hard Work and Guts, actually.
  • Hard Work and Guts is exactly what this wiki stands for!
  • Fuck that Spiral Power shit! Hard Work and Guts!