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Kazumi Amano
Kazumi Amano.png
Vital statistics
Title Pilot of Buster Machine 2
Gender Female
Birthdate November 15, 2004
Nationality Japanese
Relatives Koichiro Oota (Husband)
Friends and Allies Noriko Takaya, Koichiro Oota, Jung Freud
Enemies and Rivals Jung Freud
Aliases Kazumi Oota (after her wedding), Onée-sama, Rose Queen
Status Alive
Location Earth

Kazumi Amano (アマノ・カズミ) is the pilot of Buster Machine 2. She is a skilled upperclassman mecha pilot and is admired by Noriko Takaya, who refers to her as "Onée-sama" (お姉様). She was born on November 15, 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. She was partnered with Noriko during their training. She partook in a number of missions, first to scout the remains of the Luxion, then she was assigned to the Exelion. After returning to the Sol System, she escorted the damaged Exelion to Jupiter 2 where it was detonated to create a black hole and destroy a pursuing Space Monster swarm. In 2033, she married Koichiro Oota. Approximately 15 years later, she delivered Buster Machine 3 to the core fleet in the final stages of the war against the Space Monsters, and was promoted to Commander at some point within these 15 years. She then took Jung Freud's place in Buster Machine 2. She and Noriko defended the fleet and Buster Machine 3 during an ensuing battle during the detonation countdown of the Black Hole Bomb, where Space Monsters attempted to directly ram and destroy it. After the Bomb failed to detonate, Kazumi and Noriko decended into it and towards Jupiter's core in order to trigger the intended gravitational degeneration and escape. Both pilots escaped alive in a heavy damaged Gunbuster (Mecha), but only arrived at Earth after 12000 years.


She is 168 cm (5'6") tall with blue hair and blue eyes.



  • Kazumi is named after the wife of Toshio Okada, co-founder and first president of Gainax.
  • She is a scorpio.
  • Her blood type is B.