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Lal'c Melk Mark
Vital statistics
Title Topless
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown
Nationality Earthling
Relatives Unknown
Friends and Allies Nono, Tycho Science
Enemies and Rivals N/A
Aliases Princess, Onée-sama
Status Alive
Location Earth

Lal'c, full name "Lal'c Melk Mark", is an important character in Top o Nerae! 2: Diebuster. She is the pilot of Buster Machine 19, "Dix-Neuf" and the holder of the highest kill score among the Topless. Nono admires her and refers to her as "Onée-sama" (お姉様), most likely a reference to Noriko's calling Kazumi by that name in Gunbuster.


Lal'c is a dark-skinned female with light hair, yellow eyes, and freckles. Like other Topless, she wears a Seal on her forehead to contain her abilities while not in battle.


  • Lal'c is apparently calmed by the sound of a heartbeat.
  • Lal'c dislikes coffee.
  • Lal'c appears in a cameo in the bathhouse episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, along with Nono and several other Gainax characters.