Linda Yamamoto
Vital statistics
Title RX-7 Pilot
Gender Female
Birthdate 11/18/2019
Nationality Space
Relatives Alien #2
Friends and Allies Jung Freud
Enemies and Rivals Her own self crippling depression, space, and cancer
Aliases Alien, Russian bot, not a hot milf in your area
Status Dead in human form. Killed in alien form in Diebuster episode 3
Location Space, Heaven, and Hell

Linda Yamamoto (リンダ・ヤマモト) is a Swedish pilot born from two Russian aliens, making her true homeland space. She's disguised as a Swedish girl in order to fit in among humans, and is in theory Jung Freud's wing-woman. She was killed in 2032 by an alien drone for attempting to reveal all of the alien's secrets while piloting Noriko Takaya's RX-7, as hers was damaged. Linda would eventually become one of the alien drones and later a major alien in Diebuster. This makes her the only character shown in both Gunbuster and Diebuster. She suffers from depression, being that her true home is in space, yet she has to disguise herself as a human. This contributes heavily to her depression, as was shown in episode 2. She has some homophobic tendencies due to her latent crush on Jung Freud, as was shown in the credits of episode 6. Linda tries to take her own life in episode 4, but is unable to do so because she ends up fainting instead. The cause for the fainting is cancer, which was taking a toll on her body. However, she would go on to find happiness and regain her will to live before sadly dying alone.

Appearance Edit

She has blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles.

Trivia Edit

  • Her death is the only casualty shown on screen.
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