Vital statistics
Title Robot
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown
Nationality Martian
Relatives N/A
Friends and Allies Lal'c
Enemies and Rivals N/A
Aliases Buster Machine 7
Status Unknown (Transcended beyond time itself, and may return one day)
Location ??

Terran Imperial Space Fleet, Solar System Direct Assistance Battalion Attache, Sixth Generation Interstellar Cruising Decisive Weapon, Buster Machine No. 7, better known by the name of Nono (ノノ) is the main character of Top o Nerae! 2: Diebuster. Her goal in life is to become a great space pilot like her hero, Nono-Riri.


Nono is a female robot with blue eyes and pink hair. She has a large ahoge (アホ毛, lit. "idiot hair") and a braid on one side of her face.


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