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Smith Toren
Vital statistics
Title RX-7 Pilot
Gender Male
Birthdate Unknown
Nationality American
Relatives Unknown
Friends and Allies Noriko Takaya
Enemies and Rivals N/A
Aliases N/A
Status Dead
Location Space

Smith Toren is an American pilot who was briefly partnered with Noriko Takaya. He is from Amarillo, Texas.


He has (probably dyed) white and yellow hair spiked up in a Guile-like fashion. He has blue-green eyes.



  • He is named after Toren Smith, a Canadian manga translator who provided the voice for a background character in one episode of the series.
  • He likes coffee.
  • He is voiced by Kazuki Yao, which is the reason why he sounded like Osodashi Kamen from Jankenman.