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Soixante-Deux is Buster Machine 62, Piloted by Vasily Ivanovich.


Soixante-Deux is an angular humanoid Buster machine with a shiny navy blue color scheme. It's arms are flat sheets of metal folded like paper. It's head resembles a large wide-brimmed hat, obscuring the eyes, it pairs well with it's torso which looks like a large overcoat, it evokes the image of a detective.

Weapons and abilities[]

  • Outstanding close combat capabilities
  • Southern cross shot, which is a red shuriken fired from the palms of it's hands
  • Buster Swallow Slice, a charged ability that turns it's arms sharp
  • Combination attacks with Cinquante-Cinq


  • Soixante-Deux, like it's pilot was designed by a fan