Takami Akai
Vital statistics
Title Civilian
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown date, 2029
Nationality Japanese
Relatives Kimiko Higuchi
Friends and Allies Unknown
Enemies and Rivals Unknown
Aliases N/A
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Takami Akai is Kimiko Higuchi's daughter. She was born in 2029 in Okinawa, Japan. At a young age, she met Noriko Takaya, whom she referred to as "Auntie Noriko". At age 18, she joined the Sizzler program and was coached by Koichiro Oota.

Appearance Edit

She has brown hair and brown eyes. She closely resembles her mother, Kimiko Higuchi.

Trivia Edit

  • She is named after one of the founding members of Gainax, and her mother, Kimiko Higuchi, is named after his wife.