The Fraternity's Topless before the final battle for Earth, with the empty chair representing the lives lost on Titan.

The Fraternity is a small organization of psychically extraordinary teenagers that pilot the Buster Machines, known as Topless. The Fraternity appears to have, or at least have had at one point, significant military authority until the Topless were perceived as a possible threat to the safety of the human race. It's members include Lal'c Mellk Mark, Nono, Nicola Vacheron and many others.

There are shown to be 29 Topless in the Fraternity as of the final battle for Earth. This is six months after the battle with the Titan Gravity well, where members Roy, Nhan, Gurka, Pasika, and the Serpentine Sisters were killed in battle. Nicola loses his Topless ability shortly after this battle. With those members included, the highest number of Topless in the Fraternity shown in the series is 36.