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Vingt-Sept is Buster Machine 27, piloted by Nicola Vacheron. After Nicola loses his Topless abilities, it is shown being used by another unknown pilot during the final battle for Earth.


Vingt-Sept is the only Buster Machine with wings, though aside from housing the machinery that it uses in one of its Exotic Maneuvers, these may be purely aesthetic, since every Buster Machine can fly in space. It's unknown if Vingt-Sept would have better flight capabilities than other Buster Machines within a planet's atmosphere.

Vingt-Sept performed two Exotic Maneuvers:

  • The machines in its wings vibrate, sending out waves of energy that Nicola can use to manipulate and change the form of objects in a wide radius. He plays with these objects like toys, making sound effects with his voice. He uses this maneuver to control the army ships to attack the enemy Space Monster in episode 2.
  • The Buster Machine has a sword that it can use to cut enemies into many smaller pieces, though it only
    looks like it has cut the enemy once. This is similar to techniques samurai characters sometimes use in anime. The pieces then explode. Nicola uses this to defeat the aforementioned space monster.


  • Vingt-Sept means 27 in French.