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"WARP" (ワープ), or "Dimensional Wave Super Rotational Reaction Degradative Radius Jump Gravitational Field Super Light Speed Navigation" (次元波動超弦迎起縮退半径眺躍重力波超光速航法(?)), is a method for the movement of matter at faster than the speed of light derived from the theories of Tannhauser.

Scientific Explanation Edit

By enlarging the radius of a Tannhauser Gate frozen within a ship's Degeneracy Generator, subspace can be made to envelop the entire ship, resulting in the ship's jumping through time and space.

Trivia Edit

  • In Gunbuster Science Lessons Episode 3, 「次元波動超弦迎起縮退半径眺躍重力波超光速航法」 is incorrectly written as 「次元波動超弦迎起縮退半経眺躍重力波超光速航法」. A correction and apology is displayed at the end of the episode.